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Image information
Originates fromcontracted by Microsoft
ArtistSix N. Five
Windows information
SoftwareWindows 11
ThemeWindows (light)
Original filenameimg0
File typeJPEG (.jpg)

Bloom, also internally referred to as img0, is the default wallpaper of Windows 11's light theme. It was created by Spanish design studio Six N. Five, which was responsible for the creation of several other wallpapers for themes found in the aforementioned operating system, as well as various wallpapers for Surface models and other Microsoft products. It depicts what appears to be a piece of blue fabric folded to resemble a rose, over a light blue-grey background.


There is also a variant named img19, which serves as the default wallpaper for dark mode and features the same blue material albeit over a very dark blue background. This variant was in turn used as the basis of the default lock screen wallpaper, img100.

An animated version of this wallpaper also appears on Six N. Five's website, which depicts the fabric in a blooming state. It also has the original versions of both the light and dark wallpapers, which feature more space, so it is likely Microsoft further cropped them to provide more focus on the main element of the wallpaper.

Two more variants of this image (which act as the default wallpaper for virtual machines hosted on the Windows 365 cloud service) depict the same piece of fabric, but with a polished glass material and colorful fiber optic wires acting as the edges of the rose. The background is also considerably different; the light theme variant features a warm pink-blue gradient around the image, whereas the dark theme variant bears a dark purple-blue gradient.


Two pre-release variants of Bloom have appeared in screenshots that have surfaced, which feature a more petal-like appearance. Both are similar but slightly difference in appearance, so these may be separate revisions of the wallpaper from different times. A light variant appears in a screenshot of an unleaked build showcasing the widgets feature, while a dark variant appears in several screenshots on the Microsoft Store page for Windows Calculator, which have a date of October 6, 2021, which is after the newer version of the wallpaper had already been implemented. The image files themselves are currently unleaked, as well as the builds they appear in.

Another variant of Bloom appears as img32 in build 21380, which is blue-gray in appearance and is slightly zoomed in compared to the regular version.


The corresponding section on Six N. Five's website credits the following individuals for the creation of the wallpaper, along with special thanks to the Microsoft Design Team:

  • Client: Microsoft
  • Creative Direction: Samuel Clarke, Cassie Klingler, Cristina Koehn.
  • Art Direction: Six N. Five.
  • 3D Artists: Valery Polehenky, Nil Estany, Joan Garcia Pons, Ezequiel Pini.

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