CHESS (Windows 3.0)

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Image information
Originates fromMicrosoft (presumed)
Windows information
SoftwareWindows 3.0
Windows XP Release Candidate (builds 2475 and 2486)
TypeWallpaper (Windows 3.0)
User account picture (Windows XP builds 2475 and 2486)
File typeBitmap (.bmp)

CHESS is a wallpaper included in Windows 3.0. It is a pixel art piece depicting six chess pieces falling onto an endless checkerboard plane.

It is the first Windows wallpaper intended to cover the full screen without being tiled. As a result of 3.0's success, the wallpaper has become somewhat iconic, although not to the same extent as Bliss. There have also been several fanmade recreations of the wallpaper, often in CGI.


Windows XP includes an unrelated user account picture of the same name; while this was included in Windows XP from build 2419 onwards, builds 2475 and 2486 use this wallpaper in its place for unknown reasons, possibly either a mistake or bug during the build’s compilation. It retains the original resolution (640x480), rather than being 48x48 like the other user account pictures were, although it is downscaled to 48x48 when used. This change was reverted in later builds.