Energy Bliss

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Energy Bliss
Image information
Originates fromMicrosoft
Westlight (original image)
PhotographerCharles O'Rear (original image)
TakenJanuary 1996 (original image)
LocationSonoma County, California, United States (original image)
Windows information
SoftwareWindows XP Media Center Edition 2005
ThemeEnergy Blue
File typeJPEG (.jpg)

Energy Bliss is the default wallpaper of Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005. It is an edited version of Bliss, but with a noticeably different sky and clouds, and several light effects have been added, giving it a more modern, digital look. It has also been cropped to only include the top of the hill, like with the screensaver version and Windows Mobile 2003's default wallpaper. It is included at 1600x1200, compared to the lower 800x600 resolution of XP's wallpapers. While it serves as XP Media Center Edition 2005's default wallpaper, the original Bliss is still included as an alternative option.

It also served as the base of a background from an internal PowerPoint presentation that features a bull with a speech bubble saying "The year of the steer... that's no bull!". According to Longhorn enthusiast Stephen Chapman, this background would later be used as the background of the logon UI in an internal post-reset build that predates build 5001.