Gold Petals

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Gold Petals
Gold Petals.jpg
Image information
Original titleCloseup of Yellow Poppy from Below
Licensed fromCorbis
Originates fromCorbis
PhotographerGeorge D. Lepp
Windows information
SoftwareWindows 2000
Windows Me
Longhorn demos
File typeJPEG (.jpg)

Gold Petals, originally known as Closeup of Yellow Poppy from Below, is a wallpaper included in Windows 2000 and Me, licensed from Corbis. It was taken by George D. Lepp, who also took Windows Vista's img23. It is a closeup shot of a yellow California poppy from underneath. It is part of a series of images of other California poppy shots on Getty Images. It was briefly taken down from Getty Images in January 2020, along with many other photos, due to Getty discontinuing rights-managed licenses; it later returned as a royalty free image.


Gold Petals was later used as a wallpaper in a Longhorn demo circa 2002. It also appears on the monitor in the Display Properties box in Longhorn build 3683, showing a desktop with this wallpaper set. This may be a screenshot of another demo, or a mockup made specifically for this graphic.

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