Img24 (Windows Vista Beta 2)

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img24 / img37
img36 (widescreen)
Image information
Original titleUSA, Montana, Glacier Nat. Park, Swiftcurrent Lake & Grinnell Point
Licensed fromGetty Images
Originates fromGetty Images
PhotographerArt Wolfe
LocationGlacier National Park, Montana, United States
License typeRights-managed (no longer commercially available)
Windows information
SoftwareWindows Vista (builds 5252 to 5840.16384)
Original filenameap3445-013 (builds 5355 to 5840.16384)
Resolution800x600 (builds 5252 to 5342)
1600x1200 (img24/37; builds 5355 to 5840.16384)
1600x900 (img36; builds 5355 to 5840.16384)
File typeJPEG (.jpg)

img24, known as Longhorn in builds 5252 to 5342, img37 in 5469 to 5840.16384, and originally known as USA, Montana, Glacier Nat. Park, Swiftcurrent Lake & Grinnell Point, is a wallpaper included in Windows Vista builds 5252 to 5840.16384, licensed from Getty Images. It was taken by Art Wolfe. It depicts Swiftcurrent Lake and Grinnell Point at Glacier National Park, Montana, United States.

The image became a restricted asset on Getty Images in early 2020 when Getty discontinued rights-managed licensing in favor of royalty free licensing; it was not converted to royalty free, so it was taken down in late 2020.


The boxart of Windows Vista Beta 2.

It appears as the default wallpaper in builds 5310 to 5337, although several builds appear to have a bug that sets the default wallpaper to GreenPla instead. Like with most previous post-reset default wallpapers, it is simply named Longhorn here.

A higher res version was introduced in build 5355, which introduced an entirely new set of wallpapers featuring a img[number] naming scheme, resulting in this wallpaper being renamed to img24. It remained as the default wallpaper until build 5469, where it was replaced with a different default wallpaper and thus reallocated to img37. A widescreen version named img36 is also included in these builds. It was removed altogether in the final wallpaper set, introduced in build 5840.16389.

The image was also used on the boxart for Vista Beta 2's official DVD release.