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Image information
Original titleLagoon at Boracay
Licensed fromPhotoDisc
Originates fromPhotoDisc
PhotographerIngo Jezierski
LocationBoracay, Malay, Aklan, Philippines
Windows information
SoftwareWindows 2000
Windows Me
File typeJPEG (.jpg)

Paradise, originally known as Lagoon at Boracay is a wallpaper included in Windows 2000 and Me, licensed from PhotoDisc. It was taken by Ingo Jezierski, who also took Windows XP's palm tree user account picture. It depicts a lagoon with a couple of boats present at Boracay, located in Malay, Aklan, Philippines. It also appears on the PhotoDisc CD Going on Holiday. On Getty Images it is included in a series that has another beach shot at Boracay, which also appears on the same PhotoDisc CD.

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