Purple flower

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Purple flower
Image information
Original titlePink Cyclamen
Licensed fromCorbis
Originates fromCorbis
PhotographerAndy Small
License typeRights-managed (no longer commercially available)
Windows information
SoftwareWindows XP
Original filenameFE001040
File typeJPEG (.jpg)

Purple flower, originally known as Pink Cyclamen, is a wallpaper included in Windows XP, licensed from Corbis. It depicts a pink cyclamen on a teal background. It was taken by Andy Small, although it did not make it to Getty Images when Visual China Group bought Corbis in 2016, hinting his contract was not renewed. The image was rights managed and exclusive to Corbis so it was never cross-licensed to other sites either.

Names in other languages

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Language Name Translation
Arabic بنفسجية
Chinese Simplified 紫花


Purple flower
Chinese Traditional 紫花 Purple flower
Czech Nachová květina Purple flower
Danish Violet blomst Violet flower
Dutch Paarse bloem Purple flower
French Floraison Flowering
German Lila Blüte Purple flower
Greek Μωβ λουλούδι
Mov louloúdi
Purple flower
Hungarian Rózsaszín virág Pink flower
Italian Ciclamino Cyclamen
Japanese 紫の花
Murasaki no hana
Purple flower
Korean 보라 꽃
Bola kkoch
Purple flower
Norwegian Purpurfarget Purple
Polish Purpurowy kwiat Purple flower
Portuguese Flor púrpura Purple Flower
Russian Фиолетовый цветок
Fioletovyj cvetok
Purple flower
Spanish Flor púrpura Purple flower
Swedish Lila blomma Purple Flower
Turkish Pembe çiçek Pink flower
Romanian Floare mov Purple flower