Windows 2000

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Windows 2000
Year of release1999
Included image typesWallpapers
One sample picture
Agencies usedPhotoDisc
Preceded byWindows NT 4.0 (1996)
Succeeded byWindows XP (2001)

Windows 2000 is an operating system released by Microsoft in 1999 to manufacturing, and 2000 to general availability. It is the successor of Windows NT 4.0, and was followed by Windows XP in 2001.


Compared to later versions, Windows 2000 comes with only a few wallpapers, which were mostly taken from Corbis and PhotoDisc, although a few have unknown origins. It has no default wallpaper, although it does have a branding wallpaper. Most of them are at 800x600, with the exception of a handful which are lower res and are intended to be tiled.

Name Licensed from Originates from Photographer/artist Notes
Boiling Point PhotoDisc PhotoDisc unknown Designed to be tiled
Chateau Corbis Corbis Annie Griffiths Belt
Fall Memories unknown unknown unknown Designed to be tiled
Fly Away unknown unknown unknown Designed to be tiled
Gold Petals Corbis Corbis George D. Lepp
Ocean Wave unknown unknown unknown
Paradise PhotoDisc PhotoDisc Ingo Jezierski
Purple Sponge unknown unknown unknown Designed to be tiled
Snow Trees PhotoDisc PhotoDisc Hans Wiesenhofer
Solar Eclipse Corbis Starlight Image Agency Roger Ressmeyer
Water Color unknown unknown unknown Designed to be tiled
Windows 2000 N/A Microsoft unknown

Sample picture

Windows 2000 only comes with one sample picture, which depicts an athlete preparing to undertake a sprint. It appears to have originated from Adobe Photoshop 7.0's CD, which ships with a selection of clipart images. Some elements of the image, such as hay on the ground, were edited out by Microsoft. The same sample picture appears in Me.

Setup backgrounds

Windows 2000 setup background varies depending on edition.