Snow Trees

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Snow Trees
Snow Trees.jpg
Image information
Original titleSnowy Tree
Licensed fromPhotoDisc
Originates fromPhotoDisc
PhotographerHans Wiesenhofer
LocationAustria (presumed)
Windows information
SoftwareWindows 2000
Windows Me
File typeJPEG (.jpg)

Snow Trees, originally known as Snowy Tree, is a wallpaper included in Windows 2000 and Me, licensed from PhotoDisc. It was taken by Hans Wiesenhofer. It depicts a snowy tree in front of a forest of snowy trees, presumably in Austria, the country Wiesenhofer lived in until his death in 2012. Although it has since been taken down from Getty Images, it appears on PhotoDisc CD The Signature Series: Colors, a whole CD dedicated to Wiesenhofer’s images. Also included on this CD is another picture of a snowy forest.